Why BLAST Motion?
  • Used by over 100 golfers on the PGA Tour 

  • Easy to set up in just a few seconds - sensor attaches to top of club

  • Instant and Accurate feedback when doing drills and / or in practice

  • Improving tempo is number one when is comes to better putting

Also included with your purchase of a BLAST MOTION are some coaching videos to help you understand how to practice with your BLAST. 

The greatest putters of all time have a remarkable ability to control the speed of their ball by producing an extremely repeatable tempo and motion. Probably the most common putting fundamental I work on with clients is tempo. For every single putt, no matter the break or distance, we want our tempo to be exactly the same - i.e. backstroke time and downstroke time. It has also been proven that, for the greatest chance to control our speed, our tempo must be a 2 to 1 relationship between our backstroke and down stroke (1 to 1 backstroke and through stroke.)


Using the BLAST MOTION as a training tool is the single best way to gain feedback from your tempo practice. I personally use BLAST alot in my coaching, as it is a fantastic tool to measure improvements in tempo and the consistency of the stroke. It is also great that should the client purchase a BLAST, they can constantly monitor their practice and progress using it. 


Almost all professional golfers I coach regularly use it for INSTANT feedback on the putts they are hitting and the motion they are feeling. They are able to quantify practice, enabling faster improvements and higher quality of practice.

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Whether your tempo is quicker (e.g Rickie Fowler or Brandt Snedeker) or a little slower (e.g Luke Donald or Justin Leonard) the goal is to match your strokes  and produce a consistent blueprint. An example of this is when Jordan Spieth practices using the BLAST his backstroke time is 0.6 seconds and his downstroke time 0.3 seconds. This is the same no matter the distance of putt as length of stroke controls the distance. 

The BLAST accurately measures key parameters for improving speed control and tempo. You will see in the picture here, what I feel are the 5 most important parameters. 

  • Backstroke Time

  • Forward Stroke Time

  • Total Stroke Time

  • Tempo

  • Stroke Length


These numbers should be as consistent as possible when hitting the same putt over. The only parameter that should change when hitting varying putts is Backstroke Length. All stroke times and tempo should remain consistent no matter the putt. 

Watch the videos below to find out more information on the BLAST MOTION

Blast Founder Michael Bentley on timing

BLAST ambassador Brad Faxon

How Jeff Sluman used BLAST to putt better

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