There are two main reasons you should consider putting coaching with me. First of all, I have coached well over 100 professional golfers and more than 1000 different amateur golfers in the past couple of years. That experience allows my knowledge and ability to diagnose far greater than that of your local PGA Professional, who likely hardly ever coaches putting. Secondly, I use varying specialist technology, including the Quintic Ball Roll and CAPTO putting analysis system. This software eliminates any guess work, providing fact about the strengths and weaknesses of the golfer in hand. Any technical changes we make will be proven by the data produced using the software. You may click on either of the above to find out more about the software I use.  


Using advanced technology, and the data it produces, I am easily able to determine a golfers strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their putting technique. This allows me to implement only the necessary changes to improve the weaknesses. Whilst I may have my preferences when it comes to putting technique, if a golfer shows high level consistency in their data, it is likely unnecessary to make changes in that area. However, no matter the golfer in front of me, I am not afraid to make big changes if I feel they will lead to great improvement in the long run. 

I also understand there is a lot more to putting, aside from technique. To be able to putt to a consistently high standard, golfers must have an understanding of how to practice, including drills and techniques. The should be able to interpret slope on the greens, using a technique that allows them to do this the best they best can. They must have a consistent strategy and routine on the golf course, including mental preparation that gives them the best chance of executing the putt successful. All of the above can be done in a number of ways. Let me help you understand your own putting game and your best path to improving. 

Whether it's a full blown specialist putting analysis you want, or a simple putting green session, all lessons are bookable online by clicking the link above. For an initial session, I always recommend booking 90 minutes or more to allow enough time to cover what is needed. You may book an analysis and within the same session we can conduct a Putter Fitting. I am also able to make changes to the specifications of your current putter and can make recommendations that will benefit the golfer.  

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Group clinics take place on the putting green or on the course. Clinics may have a specific focus or an overall look at the fundamentals of putting, including Set Up, Stroke, Speed Control, Green Reading, Strategy, Practice and more. Each participant will learn techniques of how to improve tailored to their individual needs. Clinics may also be more specific, i.e. speed control, green reading etc. Clinics will include specialist software to aid understanding. 


If you are a relative beginner, or prefer the less intimidating environment of learning in a group, then a clinic may be the way forward for you. I also am able to host clinics away from my home club of Old Fold Manor. Please get in touch for more information.