Because putter fitting is about more than toe hang!!

Don't go to your regular club fitter or golf shop. Get a fitted with a putting expert!

So many golfers are now beginning to understand the importance of their having their equipment custom fitted to suit their needs and technique. When it comes to a putter this should be no different. A putter custom fitting session with me will go into intricate detail to find the EXACT specifications best suited to you. Loft, lie, length, weight, swing weight, grip, shaft, neck type, head type and more.  


Whether you need a brand new putter or simply need adjustments to your current one, I can help. With a great understanding of the technical side of putting and my  knowledge of putter technology and building, no putter fitting shall be more thorough. In my opinion, having this expert knowledge is extremely important when being fit for a putter. 

If it's a brand new putter you're after, I have carefully selected the brands to work closely alongside. I truly believe they are the best available on the market today. Whether it be quality of build, advanced technology or attention to detail, there is nothing better out there. Not only that, each brand has something slightly different to offer compared to the next. I have demo models available in each, all with differing specifications for fitting purposes.


Using the QUINTIC BALL ROLL and CAPTO SOFTWARE alongside other specialist software, I will help you gain an understanding of all the above factors and make recommendations on putter specifications based on your stroke consistencies and tendencies. Also within the session, I like to discuss with golfers when undesirable data might be a result of technique, with the goal of improving their understanding within this area. I believe my knowledge and experience of specialising in putting is what sets me apart from so many other fitters. At the end of each session, I hope each golfer has a great understanding of their technical goals, as well as the knowledge of specifications to suit their stroke.