'The perfect putter from grip to groove' - My Golf Spy

EvnRoll Groove Technology has been designed to provide golfers with the most forgiving face on the market today. Gradual decreasing of groove width from the centre towards the heel and toe means the energy lost from a mishit putt is gained back through increased surface area. In other words, all putts whether struck from the centre, heel or toe, will come off the face at the same speed, thus improving speed control.


To prove the groove technology actually worked, I conducted my own independent test using the Quintic Ball Roll using my own EvnRoll ER2. The results can be seen here in the summary. To explain, the column showing 'twist at impact' represents whether a putt has been hit towards the heel or toe of the putter. In other words a putt struck from the toe will twist open, whilst a putt struck from the heel will twist closed, increasingly so the further from the centre of mass the putt is struck. You will see in this column, putts were hit at varying distances from the sweet spot.

The results seen here show the incredible forgiveness of the EVNROLL putter.  Despite the strike point (twist at impact) on the face being hugely inconsistent, the ball is coming off the face at practically the same speed every time (seen in the 'Ball Speed' column.) This is also shown by the 'Impact Ratio' column being very consistent. Impact Ratio represents a figure that is commonly known as 'smash factor' with other clubs, this being Ball Speed divided by Clubhead Speed. This test is PROOF, that EvnRoll face technology works, and why so many golfers should certainly consider putting one in the bag!!!

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