If you're coming to see me for a PUTTER FITTING there are many different grip options available, covering almost every size and shape imaginable. Below are a couple of the options that I fully endorse as quality brands. These manufacturers have kindly offered discounts to my customers on their websites. Please see below for more information. 





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With their unique patented shaft position at the back of the grip and varied shape options, P2 grips ensure, no matter a golfers tendency, the grip sits more in the palm and make it easier for the golfer to line up the shaft and forearm. This also ensures a more ulna deviated wrist position, meaning the wrists are more 'locked' in place throughout the stroke. The unique shape of all p2 grips cater for varying hand sizes and provide ample space for the hands. The P2 Aware Tour is the preferred choice for my own game. 

The P2 is also PROVEN to work through independent testing on amateur golfers, using the Quintic Ball Roll.

'83% of golfers showed a more centred strike (less face twist at impact) when using the P2 grip compared to a standard grip, with the ball starting closer to the intended start line.'

Don't forget, whilst P2 Grips arent available individually through my online store, you will get a discount on the P2 store through using the code JJGOLF.

Click here to visit their website.


P2 have now added custom colour options as seen here


Two Thumb grips have been designed with the sole purpose of allowing golfers to position their hands more level on the grip, thus levelling shoulder, elbow and wrists joints, thus increasing the chances of square alignment. Within my coaching, I truly believe that symmetry at set up gives the golfer a greater chance of producing a simple pendulum motion, making both face and speed control far easier. 

The grips are gaining traction on Tour, currently being used by many players, including top 25 world ranked Matt Wallace. 

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Two Thumb grips have developed a vast array of size and shape choices to cater for the variation in size and shape of a golfers hand. I have almost all grip options in stock and available when ordering a custom putter. The grips are not available individually in store. However, golfers will benefit with discount on the Two Thumb website when using the unique discount code JJPUTT2019 in store. Click here to visit their website

If you have any questions about Two Thumb grips, please do not hesitate to get in touch.