Can't make it to any of my venues? Let me help you improve your putting online!

Live Video Recording


Live videos of me showing the technical changes that are needed, the reasons behind them and bespoke explanations of how to implement them. These videos usually last 5-10 minutes. 

Drill / Training Videos


Also included will be videos showing appropriate drills to be undertaken, to aid continued improvement. These will be specific to the individuals needs according to the improvements needed.

Available for the next week...

I am offering the opportunity of unlimited support for 3 weeks during the 'Stay at Home' period. This includes message support and the chance to send putting videos everyday. Replies will be via email and / or video. 

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£20 of each sign up will be donated to Age UK.


What can be included in a typical ONLINE LESSON? 
Live Video Example Clip
Drill / Training Video Example Clip

How do I video my putting stroke?

The camera should be held / placed somewhere between waist and chest height for the full body shots. All videos should be filmed in full speed and not slow motion. Ideally there would be a total of 5 FULL SPEED videos. 3 from 10-12 feet showing the 3 below angles and 2 from a longer putt showing down the line and front on (no need for path close up.) Angle descriptions as below. 

- From down the line (behind) the camera should be aligned with the hand path and parallel to the desired starting line of the putt.

- From front on the camera should be aligned directly perpendicular to the target i.e. perfectly in front. 

- To video the path of the stroke, place the camera close to the ground and on the target line. 

Example angles can be seen below...

Yearly Subscription - £999pa


Includes 2 x analysis per month (video comparison, bespoke videos, drill / training videos) plus 24 hour ongoing message support throughout

Monthly Subscription - £125pm


Includes 2 x analysis per month (video comparison, bespoke videos, drill / training videos) plus 24 hour ongoing message support throughout

Single Lesson​ - £75

Includes initial analysis (video comparison, bespoke videos, drill / training videos) plus ongoing message support for a week following the original lesson...

My Online Lessons give you 3 options...

How do I sign up?

Well you have 2 options... Either sign up below or via the Skillest Coaching APP...

Option 1 - Via the website...

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Option 2 - Via the Skillest APP

Available on iPhone or iPad only... 

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IMPORTANT - When sending videos either via email or skillest, please include information about putting tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. e.g. mostly miss putts to the left, always leaving putts short etc...