Can't make it to any of my venues? Let me help you improve your putting online!


All online lessons take place on the Skillest APP - now available on any Apple or Android device for download. Options include a 7 day pass or monthly / yearly subscriptions. 


What's included with each lesson?

(See video)

Comparison Analysis Video - A detailed video analysis of your putting stroke using the comparison tool on the Skillest APP. This video will explain desired changes vs a tour player or myself. 
Custom Live Video - A customised video of myself explaining and demonstrating the exact changes to be made and how to implement them.
Drill / Practice Videos - Video drills that may help integrate changes, improve skill level and / or monitor practice performance.

7 Day Pass vs Subscription

Online lessons give you 2 options.

The 7 day pass allows you to send videos for initial analysis. Following this, you will then have the opportunity to send a 2nd set of videos for a follow up analysis, within 7 days of the original analysis. 

Subscriptions (payable either monthly or yearly) enable you to send videos for analysis whenever you wish (usual lesson turn around times apply.) Benefit from constant feedback and support over a much longer period of time, guaranteed to improve your putting. 

What is the expected end result?

Understand Why - You, the golfer, will have a clear understanding of the changes needed to be made and, perhaps more importantly, why these changes are necessary for improvement. 
Self Diagnosis - The lesson content will continue to be available on the APP. Had a bad putting round? Return to the lesson to jog the memory and learn self diagnose and fix problem areas. 
Revisit Drill / Practice Videos - Video and practice drills will also be available to view when revisiting your online lesson via the APP. 

LET'S GET STARTED! Have an understanding of what will make you a BETTER PUTTER TODAY!

How do I video my putting stroke?

The camera should be held / placed somewhere between waist and chest height for the full body shots. All videos should be filmed in full speed and not slow motion. Ideally there would be a total of 5 FULL SPEED videos. 3 from 10-12 feet showing the 3 below angles and 2 from a longer putt showing down the line and front on (no need for path close up.) Angle descriptions as below. 

- From down the line (behind) the camera should be aligned with the hand path and parallel to the desired starting line of the putt.

- From front on the camera should be aligned directly perpendicular to the target i.e. perfectly in front. 

- To video the path of the stroke, place the camera close to the ground and on the target line. 

Example angles can be seen below...


IMPORTANT - When sending videos via skillest, please include information about putting tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. e.g. mostly miss putts to the left, always leaving putts short etc...  

Download the Skillest APP  using your iPad, iPhone or android and start your journey to better putting today!