PING Putters 

No other major manufacturer understands the necessity for custom fitting more than PING. The only major brand (at least in the UK) that completely custom build their putters to each golfers required specification as ordered. They believe that every golfer should be fitted for every single club in their bag, including their putter. As such, they have developed the iPing putting app, available on the iPhone. Not only this, when purchasing a Ping putter, you're not just buying a fully customised putter, but a quality product with advanced technology and exceptional quality. CLICK HERE to book a fitting with me - find your perfect Ping putter today. 

Models Available

Sigma 2


Covering the entire hitting surface on the Signma 2 range is an innovative insert combining highly responsive and soft feeling Pebax elastomer and a milled aluminum face to provide full-face forgiveness. 

Vault 2.0

PING’s 100% milled putters are crafted and engineered to provide tour-caliber touch and performance through proven innovations. The new sole weight system offers options in steel, tungsten and aluminum.

True Roll Technology (All putters)

Every single PING putter has an individually milled face pattern, with grooves varying in depth and pitch. This speeds up any off-centre impacts, ultimately leading to vastly improved distance control. Much like the EvnRoll groove technology, the energy lost through mis-striking the putt, is gained back through a the faster face. 

Custom Weighting ​(Vault 2.0 only)

Ping's new custom-weighting system offers sole-weight options in steel (standard-weight head), tungsten (15 grams heavier than standard) and aluminum (15 grams lighter than standard) to match your feel and balance preference. Try all options when particpating in a custom fitting session with me to find your preferred head weight.

sigma face.jpg

High-Tech Face (Sigma 2 only)

The soft, responsive face is the result of a dual-durometer PEBAX material. A soft front layer ensures precision for shorter, delicate must-makes. A firmer back layer offers solid feedback and distance control for holing longer putts. Combining the two hardnesses of the PEBAX and utilizing our TR face pattern provides a feel preference that appeals to a large segment of golfers while improving overall consistency.

For further information on PING putters and the models available, please CLICK HERE to visit the PING website

If you are unsure of the specifications you may require, please click the link below to schedule a fitting with me. PING putters are not available to buy online so please CONTACT ME for info if you wish to make a purchase.