SPECIAL OFFER - Includes free mirror. Ends 20/9.


Be one of the first to get your hands on a mat tailored to your stroke! 


Choose from the Red, Blue, Green or Orange mat, listed in order from most arc to least.

Prior to buying the Putter Path Trainer mat, please ensure you are selecting the appropriate mat for your stroke characteristics. A fitting guide can be found by here.   




Available to purchase online for a single mat colour or pack of all 4. Also, as an additional purchase, get your hands on a LUXURY TOTE STORAGE POUCH - just a £10 upgrade. 

Please note, a pack of 4 will only include one storage pouch. 


Golf Coaches / PGA Professionals and Distrubtors. Get in contact to find out wholesale pricing. james@jjputting.com


Each Putter Path Trainer mat will include the following

- Durable and waterproof rubber and polyester mat that goes completely flat once unrolled.

- Awesome durable and high quality storage case

- Sweetspot tracking curved line appropriate for your goals

- Face lines to match with the putter for a square face to path relationship

- Lines at appropriate distances to practice various stroke lengths

- Tee holes suitable for a blade and / or mallet to ensure the putter is matching the 2d projected path

- Tee / Gate holes allowing 1 degree of error on ball start line 


Please do not hesitate to get in contact should you have any questions. Further instructional content and videos coming soon. 

Putter Path Trainer


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