What's included in the basic bundle?

Capto sensor with his box

Calibration Tool

Loft-Lie Meter


Simply put, CAPTO software captures almost every piece of data imaginable with regards to the putter throughout the stroke. However, for me, one of the greatest capabilities of CAPTO is I am able to use it indoors and outdoors, and can change putt to putt without having to re calibrate the software. The wireless sensor and tablet based software work perfectly in all environments, allowing practice and analysis over varied distance and breaks of putt. As a coach, this gives me a far greater understanding of a golfers tendencies and trends within their putting stroke. Real time feedback is also essential for the golfer to understand how they are to improve. If you are interested in purchasing a CAPTO, but wish to see it in action first, please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

Just some of the parameters measured by CAPTO 

Face angle.    Shaft angle.   Lie angle.   Face vs optimal.   Shaft (shaft lean) vs optimal.   Lie vs optimal.   Face rotation ° (degrees) /sec.  

Loft rotation (shaft lean) °/sec.  Lie rotation °/sec.  Club Path.   Angle of Attack.   Path to arc.   Loft (shaft lean) to arc.   Handling.    Trembling.    Swing length.  Backswing time.   Forward swing to impact time.   Total swing time.   Tempo.   Club directional speed.    Club height speed.   Ball speed.   Ball direction.   Launch.  Lie to green / Lie deviation.   Directional acceleration.   Height acceleration.  Energy dispersion.  Torque dissipated energy.  Forward press angle analysis. 

Capto Golf Sensor Basic Bundle


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