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Pack of 3 putting gates for practice outdoors with accurate feedback on actual ball start direction. 

Gates come in 3 different sizes for all levels of golfer and variation of drill types. I have designed them to have specific degrees of error at particular distances away from the ball as follows. 

GATE A - 0.5°     GATE B - 1°     Gate C - 1.5°

All gates give the level of forgiveness as above at 10.5 inches from the ball (standard putter grip length)
Margin for error can be adapted to change by distance. i.e. Gate A at 5 inches will have approximately 1° margin for error, or gate C will have a 1° margin at 17.5 inches. This enables goals / targets to be adapted to suit the space and needs of the golfer.

Some examples of other potential distances below. 

Gate A - 5.25 inches (half standard grip length) - 1° margin - good for short putts

Gate C -  15.75 inches (one and half standard grip length) - 1° margin - good for longer putts 

Gates B - 5.25 inches (half standard grip length) - 2° margin - good for intermediate / beginners at short putts

Gate C -  5.25 inches (half standard grip length) - 3° margin - good for short putts with beginners


Practice drill page for instructions on how to use the gates most effectively coming very soon... 


JJ Putting Outdoor Gate Pack

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