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Putting Path


Putter Path Trainer

Putter Path Trainer

Train your perfect putting stroke that matches your stroke characteristics with the JJ Putting Path Trainer. My goal with the creation of the JJ Putter Path Trainer is to enable golfers to train their putting stroke, using a guide that matches their stroke characteristics, through a fitting process.

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What makes JJ Putting products stand out?

My goal with JJ PUTTING TRAINING is to create products that enable golfers to receive instant and essential feedback during practice. Every product has a different purpose or function, with the ability to be combined with other training aids during practice drills, to enhance your training.

  • High-quality materials only
  • 30-day return warranty
  • Fast shipping

The Putting Plane Trainer shows the projected 2d Path of the sweet spot in the stroke and is determined by the putters swing plane. This 2d Path will change depending on the angle (inclination) of the plane and the radius (distance to the centre / axis) of the plane.

Having a Path Trainer for every single combination of plane angle and radius is both unnecessary and impractical. We are able to group combinations that produce similar 2D Paths together, limiting the number of mats to 4 and seeing differences between the paths being negligible.

  • Lay Flat Technology - Manufactured from a premium rubber compound and lined with with a polyester outer, your path trainer will always lay completely flat once unrolled.
  • Sweet-spot Tracking - Use the JJ Putting curve line (white) curved line appropriate for your goals.
  • Square Face Alignment - Face lines designed to match with the putter to ensure  a square face to path relationship.
  • Stroke Length Control - Simple and effective stroke length control using carefully spaced lines to accommodate all stroke lengths.
  • 2D Putter Style Tracking - Tee peg holes suitable for a blade and / or mallet style putter carefully placed to ensure your putter matches the projected 2D path.
  • Putting Gate Assist - Tee peg holes located to allow 1 degree of error on ball start line, for use with tee pegs or JJ Putting Gates

Which Putter Path Trainer suits your stroke?

Figuring which of the mats is best for each individual golfer can be done in one of two ways.

1. You can use the Putter Path Trainer Fitting Guide. This will help you make predictions for your stroke radius and plane angle.

2. You can visit your local Capto Coach (including myself) and the suitable plane angle and radius can be recommended by them.  

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