I have devised a series of putting games, enabling golfers to determine their putting handicap. 

First and foremost, the tests will help golfers have a better understanding of their putting ability and where their weaknesses may lie within putting. Secondly, the tests are a fantastic way of monitoring  progress / improvement over time.

The tests have all been devised based on the Strokes Gained Putting statistics from both the PGA Tour and World Golf Ranking Stats website. Scores have also been confirmed as accurate through the collation of results from a number of volunteers of all playing abilities. Use them to monitor progress over time or accurately determine your current putting ability compared to your handicap. For the most accurate results, take the tests a few times, using averages for handicap results and note scores to monitor performance.

There are 5 separate tests, two involving putts up to 48 feet in length, whilst the other three tests are testing shorter putts. One tests putting from 3-5 feet, another from 6-8 feet and a final test incorporating both of these tests, with putts between 3 and 8 feet. 

I am no longer charging for the Putting Handicap Document. Simply download the PDF document by clicking the link below.