'DLT allows the ball to achieve true roll faster, on average, than any other putter on the planet' - Sik Putters

When it comes to producing a consistent skid and roll on the ball when putting, the most important factor we need to ensure is correct and consistent is launch angle. A common fault amongst many golfers who struggle to do this, is inconsistent shaft angle at impact. This creates inconsistencies in dynamic loft and therefore inconsistent results of ball skid and roll distance. The diagram seen here shows the importance of 


consistent launch. All putts hit on the same line at the same speed but with differing launch angles. Notice how the putts start breaking at different points. The more a putt skids, the later it will begin to break. 

Sik Putters have found the solution to this problem through their patented Descending Loft Technology and Four Planar Putter Face. Each plane of the putter face decreases by 1 degree, varying the loft on the face by a total of 3 degrees. This means no matter the delivery position of the shaft, a consistent launch is far more likely to be produced. The diagram below demonstrates how this occurs. 

Sik Definition.png

Technology aside, the simple fact is Sik Putters are beautifully milled putters that look great and perform brilliantly. They are now available in my  for pre order in my online store (immediate delivery for US customers) and are soon to be available for fittings. Click below to shop or book.