So many golfers are looking for something that's going to give them the edge over their competitors. How about being able to practice your game when others can't. Tour Links Putting Greens provide that opportunity for putting. The solid base and excellent roll out turf of each green, provides as realistic a putting surface as you're likely to find. All greens are also completely portable, with base panels that can be easily pull apart and put together again, great for travel or regular storage. 

There are many different models to choose from, all of varying size and length. These consist of two training aid style greens and many full size models. Below are just a few of the options available. 

Training Greens

The Tour Links Training Green is available in 9 and 13 feet in length, with the 13 foot version being the exact same one I use in my own coaching. Both these models have the following features. 

  • Comprises 5 base panels with 2 contour pads

  • 1 regulation size hole cup and hole cup reducing ring

  • Includes movable foot stand, stroke groover block and string guide

  • Supplied with pre-cut Premier Pro turf

Click below to see the full specifications for the different size models.

9ft Green SPECS

13ft Green SPECS

Full Size Greens

The Full Size Training Greens are available starting at 10 x 4ft getting increasingly larger from there. Options available depends on country of residence. All versions are extremely durable and completely portable. As with the training green, all full size greens come with pre-cut artificial golf turf, regulation hole cups, and contour pads. ​Full specs of the greens can be found below. 

Par Saver SPECS

Birdie Maker SPECS

UK Customers wishing to purchase a home green click the following link. Lowest price in the UK. 

US Customers click the following link to visit the Tour Links website. Enter the promotion code GHDSHS at checkout to receive a $25 discount on your purchase

Customers from anywhere else in the world, please CONTACT ME