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When it comes to practicing putting, it is important not to get bogged down with just the technical aspects, ensuring we practice game realistic scenarios, monitoring performance along the way. Performance Games are a perfect way to do this. Here's why...

COURSE RELISM - They allow the golfer to undergo practices and routines as they would on the course. e.g. green reading.

ADD PRESSURE - They create pressure scenarios, with the golfer attempting to reach certain goals and targets.

FEEDBACK - They allow the golfer to monitor performance over time, allowing confidence in performance, or show where further practice is required.

Below you will find links to download my Putting Performance Games document and / or my Putting Combine Scorecards


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Putting Performance Games Document

Games that test in a variety of different ways from a variety of distances. 6 games in total.

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Putting Combine Test Scorecards

The Putting Combine Test is based upon the average make up of 1st putt distances over 36 holes on the PGA Tour. e.g. during 36 holes of tournament play, the average PGA Tour player will have an average of 2 first putts from 6-7ft, therefore 2 x 7ft putts have been included in the test. The Mini Combine Tests simply split the full combine into the  18 shortest putts and the 18 longest putts. Therefore there is a Short Putt Combine and a Long Putt Combine

If you would like professional printed scorecard, you can purchase these from the Online Store. Otherwise download via email above.