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Welcome to my state-of-the-art putting studio, conveniently situated at Old Fold Manor Golf Club. Step into a realm of precision and expertise tailored exclusively for perfecting your putting.
Nestled within the studio is a 20ft long platform green, designed with the flexibility to adjust slopes exceeding 5%. This allows for a comprehensive examination of various putting scenarios, ensuring every aspect of your technique is finely tuned for success.
Equipped with an array of cutting-edge putting specialist software, including CAPTO, SAM Puttlab, Quintic Ball Roll, Hack Motion, and more, my setup is second to none. With large screens displaying real-time data, you'll have unparalleled insights into your performance, enabling us to pinpoint trends and tendencies with remarkable accuracy. By synergizing advanced software capabilities with customizable slope adjustments, we can capture invaluable data on a multitude of breaking putts. This hollistic approach leaves no stone unturned.
Let's unlock your full potential and elevate your game like never before.

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JJ Putting Studio 003
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