My Coaching Packages are a great way to guarantee improvements to your putting, with the added bonus of extra rewards.

Below you will find the 3 different coaching packages I offer.

Each offer varying hours of coaching and include additional extras, depending which package you sign up to. Committing to 12 months of coaching also gives the opportunity to pay a monthly subscription, rather than the whole upfront fee.  


What's included with each package? 


Amateur Golfer £425

Pros / Juniors £395

No monthly plan


Amateur Golfer £825

Pros / Juniors £775

£75 / £70 per month


Amateur Golfer £1595

Pros / Juniors £1495

£145 / £135 per month


Amateur Golfer £2295

Pros / Juniors £2145

£210 / £195 per month

Sign up today and start your journey to better putting today...

Terms and Conditions (Summary)

- Gold and Platinum Subscription subject to a minimum commitment of 12 months

- Prepaid packages must use coaching hours within package duration (Silver - 6 months, Gold / Platinum - 12 months) 

- Prepaid packages may use coaching hours at any time during package duration

- Subscription packages may only use coaching hours accrued by month. Any time not used can be rolled over for a maximum of 3 months. 

Click below to see full terms and conditions.