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Putting Coach



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Every Putt Counts

"Putting is the most important part of the game. No matter how great a player you are, if you can't putt, you can't win."
- Gary Player

Take control of
your game

When we examine the best putters in the world, we find that there are certain essential fundamentals, some that are preferred, and others that are purely for aesthetics. Ultimately, a skilled putter can execute the task of putting in various effective manners. All that is needed is functionality and  a fusion of diverse skills. Let me help you identify which aspects are applicable to your game, and get you on the fastest path to enhancing your putting skills and achieving lower scores—today!




Unlock Your Putting Potential, Lower Scores, and Elevate Your Game – Become a Better Putter Today!

Putter Fittings

Because putter fitting is about more than toe hang. Find the putter that works best for you!

Online Coaching

Can't make it to one of my coaching venues?  Improve from anywhere in the world, online.

'A man who can putt Is a match for anyone.'

Back to dubai

I am pleased to announce I'm heading back to the Dubai  It's set to be a great trip, based out of the stunning Dubai Hills Estate.

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Not all good putts go in.

Do your bit and see what happens!

'A GOLFER who can putt Is a match for anyone.'


What people are saying

Mark Bretton
Had a lesson and then a detailed fitting with James. We tried a number of different brands for the shape type I wanted. We settled on a Taylor Spider which was not the most expensive but by far and away the best. Very professional. Good follow up and always interested to hear progress. Highly recommended
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Andrew Neale
Putter fitting and lesson. Excellent - James really knows his stuff and quickly identified key issues with my putting. I bought an Evnroll putter and made stroke changes which when I manage to execute are making a real difference. 6 birdies in the last 3 rounds - more than normal and feel like I should hole 6-8 ft putts. Need to work on distance putting but that will come. Will definitely book another lesson.
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Alastair White
James uses his expert putting knowledge, plus the latest tech, to give excellent advice to his clients. He has a real skill for passing on ideas and concepts, which has helped me correct some misconceptions and understand what I should be doing on the greens. I highly recommend James to anyone who wants to improve their putting.
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Find your way,
not just a way

Every golfer is unique, and their journey to improvement is just as individual.
Allow me to help you discover YOUR path to mastering the greens!

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When we analyse the technique of the world's best putters, we find that while some principles are more essential than others. Ultimately, there's a diverse range of styles and techniques. Regardless of style, these players excel in controlling both speed and direction. Allow me to guide you in understanding the key principles that will yield the most significant improvements in your technique. Together, we'll pinpoint changes that will make your technique more functional and enhance consistency in execution on the course.

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I leverage state-of-the-art putting analysis technology to revolutionise your game. Through advanced motion tracking and analysis tools, including Capto, SAM Puttlab and Quintic I provide real-time feedback on your putting stroke, helping you pinpoint areas for improvement and perfect your technique. These innovative systems offers detailed insights and personalised recommendations for your stroke.

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The strategies and approaches to putting vary significantly among the best players in the world. From green reading to routines, practice methods, and psychological approaches, each golfer has their own unique style. By learning to apply the most effective approach to your game, you can start experiencing immediate improvements on the golf course. Let's work together to identify and implement the techniques that will elevate your performance.

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