I am a big believer in using advanced technology in coaching. The data produced enables me to easily determine a golfers tendencies and biases with regards to their putting stroke. This allows me to implement only the necessary changes to improve putting performance.

Whilst I may have some key principles and preferences when it comes to putting, every golfer is diferent. All we are looking for is functionality and consistency in their data. There's no point in making changes for the sake of it.

Using technology also means that all changes will be backed up by improvements in the data. The technology I use will leave no stone unturned, measuring every single movement of the putter and the ball.

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As the official Expert and Partner for CAPTO in the UK, I use Capto in almost every coaching session, conduct CAPTO Webinars and Seminars and distribute Capto to both golf coaches and golfers.  Below you will find a video showing just some of the data captured by CAPTO software and how it is presented. For me there is no better software out there when it comes to analysis of the putting stroke.

Not only does CAPTO gather almost all conceivable data for the putting stroke, it breaks the entire stroke down, making it easier to identify problem areas. This makes my job as a putting coach far easier. In addition, it is extremely practical for use indoors and outdoors, without the need for recalibration when varying putts. When conducting an analysis, I can test golfers on short putts and long putts, left to right putts and right to left putts, uphill putts and downhill putts, all without having to re-calibrate. ​

I fully believe in the philosophies and principles applied in the development of CAPTO.

SAM PuttLab stands as one of the world's premier putting analysis and training system, renowned for its accuracy and comprehensiveness. This cutting-edge technology delves into the minutest details of your putting stroke, empowering the development of sustainable training strategies.  Having the supplementary modules enables me to produce comparisons between different putters or putting conditions, while fitting protocols provide tailored solutions for professional putter fitting. With SAM 3D-Putt, I can review your putts from any angle, immersing yourself in high-resolution 3D graphics.

Reveal the smallest details

Sam PuttLab

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The Putter Launch Monitor


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The Quintic Ball Roll is essentially the Trackman for putting.

Utilising a high-speed camera at1080 frames per second, it tracks the putter and golf ball throughout the impact zone. The system automatically measures over 45 parameters regarding the putter and ball, both graphically and numerically. The data is instantly displayed within the software for immediate analysis, review and intervention. The software also provides real time biofeedback, allowing live feedback on changes.

"The Quintic Ball Roll Systems provide unique data on how your golf ball reacts after impact. This information is invaluable when custom fitting your putter or improving your putting stroke." - Padraig Harrington

A huge benefit to using Quintic Ball Roll in coaching / fitting, is the fact it uses a camera system. This means the only attachments to the putter, are small, barely visible stickers. The dynamics of the putter are not compromised!

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