Below you will find a list of my trusted partners, be it golfing brands, coaches or any other product, these are all partners I truly believe in. Each logo should link you either to a page on my site or a partner website. See below for more information. 

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Not only does CAPTO gather almost all conceivable data for the putting stroke, it breaks the entire stroke down, making it easier to identify problem areas. This makes my job as a putting coach far easier. I am the official Expert and Partner for CAPTO in the UK.

Marketed as "The sweetest face" in putting, EvnRoll putters are arguably the most forgiving putters on off centre strikes. This has been backed up by data using the Quintic Ball Roll. Technology aside they are simply beautiful putters made from quality materials. 

PING are one of the best out there when it comes to custom fitted golf clubs and their putters are no exception. Quality build and materials at affordable prices, plus some fantastic technology, makes PING an exceptional option for golfers. 


With their unique patented shaft position at the back of the grip and varied shape options, P2 grips sit more in the palm and make it easier for the golfer to line up the shaft and forearm. These grip can provide a fantastic option for golfers seeking better face control and strike consistency. 

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Two Thumb grips have been designed with the sole purpose of allowing golfers to position their hands more level on the grip, thus levelling shoulder, elbow and wrists joints, increasing the chances of square alignment, something I very much believe in. 

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In use by Tour players, club players, coaches and trainers around the world, the GravityFit TPro provides unparalleled feedback on correct posture and movement control for your whole golf game.


If you're not getting feedback in your practice then you're likely falling behind. Using the BLAST MOTION as a training tool is one of the easiest ways to gain feedback on a bunch of metrics when you practice practice. Used by many players on tour, including Brad Faxon.