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'Putting is a blend of three skills!'

To excel as a putter, there are 3 main skills that you should master: the ability to control the start line, manage speed, and accurately read the green. If any of these skills are underdeveloped, it can significantly hinder your putting performance.

The best putters in the world don't all use the same technique or approach to green reading. What sets them apart is their ability to start the ball on the desired line, control its speed, and interpret the slopes effectively.

I often come across golfers who struggle with putting and find themselves on the wrong track, often lacking a true understanding of the aspects that can lead to significant improvements. Let me assist you in comprehending the fundamental principles that will lead you to remarkable progress on the greens. Gain insight into your putting, enhance your 3 skills, and start sinking more putts!

Coaching Options

Find what's right for you!

1 to 1 Coaching

The quickest route to improved putting and lower scores today!

Online Coaching

Because putter fitting is more than just toe hang and length.

Group Coaching

Can't make it to one of my coaching venues, lets improve online.

Calling all
USA players

I am travelling to the US, specifically California and Arizona, next month. I have a few venues already lined up to host me during my time there. Click below to see availability and book! I am also looking for clubs wanting to host me. Whether doing a clinic or two for the members, or using the facility for private sessions, please get in touch if you or your club might be interested!

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Coaching Options

Find what's right for you!

1 to 1 Coaching

Schedule an in person studio analysis now for the fastest path to better putting and lower scores today!

Online Coaching

Can't make it to one of my coaching venues?  Improve from anywhere in the world, online.

Group Coaching

Prefer learning in a group, then a clinic may be the way for you. More coming soon!
Coaching Options

Find what is right for you!

Attention to detail!

Whether you need a brand new putter or simply need adjustments to your current one, I can help. With a great understanding of the technical side of putting and my  knowledge of putter technology and building, no putter fitting shall be more thorough.

What should I expect?

A putter custom fitting session with me will go into intricate detail to find the EXACT putter and specifications best suited to your stroke. Loft, lie, length, weight, swing weight, grip, shaft, neck type, head type and more.

I want a new putter!

I have carefully selected the brands to work closely alongside. I truly believe they are the best available on the market today. Whether it be quality of build, advanced technology or attention to detail, there is nothing better out there. Not only that, each brand has something slightly different to offer compared to the next. I have demo models available in each, all with differing specifications for fitting purposes.
JJ Putting Lesson Fitting 001

So many golfers are now beginning to understand the importance of having their equipment custom fitted to suit their needs and technique. When it comes to a putter this should be no different.

Using the QUINTIC BALL ROLL and CAPTO, alongside other specialist software, I will help you gain an understanding of  your stroke and make recommendations on putter specifications based on your stroke consistencies and tendencies.

It is not as simple as 'your stroke suits a face balanced putter.' We will test how your stroke react with a variety of different putter styles and shapes. The goal is to find a putter that reduces your aim and strokes biases as much as possible.

Its All about your stroke

My Coaching Philosophy

Every golfer is unique. My aim is to assist each individual in discovering how they can become a better putter.

When we examine the technique of the world's best putters, we find certain principles that are crucial, some that are advantageous, and others that are purely aesthetic. However, they all share an exceptional ability to control both direction and speed. Allow me to help you grasp the key principles that will lead to significant improvements in your technique, resulting in more consistent execution on the course.

The top putters in the world also differ in their strategies and approaches to putting. Their techniques for green reading, routines, practice routines, psychology, and more can vary from one golfer to another. By learning to apply the most effective approach to your game, you can start experiencing immediate improvements on the golf course.

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The Data doesn't lie

Advanced Technology

The data doesn't lie.

Advanced Technology

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I am a big believer in using advanced technology in coaching. The data produced enables me to easily determine a golfers strengths and weaknesses and trends regards to their putting technique. This allows me to implement only the necessary changes to improve the weaknesses.

Whilst I may have my key principles and preferences when it comes to putting technique, if a golfer shows high level consistency in their data, it is likely unnecessary to make changes in that area.

However, no matter the golfer in front of me, I am not afraid to make big changes if I feel they will lead to great improvement in the long run.

Using technology also means that all changes will be backed up with improvements in the data. Ultimately, a great technique in one which can effectively control direction and distance consistently.

I firmly believe in harnessing advanced technology for coaching. The data it provides allows me to easily identify a golfer's strengths and weaknesses while uncovering trends in their technique. This, in turn, enables me to make only the essential adjustments to address these weaknesses.

Whilst I have my core principles and personal preferences when it comes to putting technique, if a golfer consistently shows high-level performance in their data, it's often unnecessary to make changes in that area. That said, regardless of the golfer in front of me, I'm not hesitant to make necessary changes if they promise long-term improvement.

The use of technology ensures that any changes made are supported by improvements in the data. Ultimately, an effective technique is one that consistently controls direction and speed across various slopes and distances.

The Data doesn't lie

Advanced Technology

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The adjustable slope green is a valuable tool that enables me to assess how golfers handle different breaks and distances. This provides a comprehensive insight into each golfer's processes, biases, and inconsistencies. This approach allows us to make each coaching session highly tailored to an individual's specific needs.

Beyond just technique, achieving a consistently high standard in putting requires an understanding of how to practice, which includes various drills and techniques. I will customize guidance based on your practice routine, whether you're on the green daily or play only once a month. A skilled putter should be adept at reading the slopes on the greens. They need a green-reading technique that works best for them.

Additionally, they should have a consistent strategy and routine on the golf course, including mental preparation to increase their chances of successfully executing their putts.

There are various ways to achieve these goals, and I'm here to help you gain a deeper understanding of your putting game and find the best path to improve your performance on the green.

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