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Many golfers recognise the significance of custom-fitting their equipment to match their unique needs and techniques. When it comes to putters, the principle remains the same. The objective of a putter fitting is to address individual biases and ensure that all aspects of the putter are precisely tailored to the individual. In a thorough fitting session, various factors must be taken into account, including aim, face control, rotation control, acceleration tendencies, and more.
One of the most pervasive myths in putter fitting is the erroneous belief that your stroke can be easily categorised to align with a specific putter profile. In simpler terms, this misconception suggests that a stroke with minimal arc and face rotation necessitates a face-balanced putter, while a stroke characterised by a more pronounced arc suits a putter with greater toe hang. Other specifics aside (length, loft, lie angle etc) and as mentioned before, a putter fitting should ultimately centre on mitigating biases and CANNOT be generic.

In the studio I have a large stock of demo putters from many of the major brands, including -
Scotty Cameron, Ping, TaylorMade and Odyssey.

Attention to detail!

If you're unsure whether you need a new putter or require technical guidance, don't worry. Together, we can identify the quickest route to elevating your performance on the greens. Whether it involves acquiring a new putter, making adjustments to your existing one, focusing on technical enhancements, or a combination of these, I'm here to assist you in gaining clarity on the most efficient path to improvement.
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What should I expect?

A putter custom fitting session with me delves into meticulous detail to pinpoint the PRECISE putter and specifications that align perfectly with your putting stroke. Numerous factors come into play, including aim biases, stroke tendencies, rotation and strike patterns, acceleration traits, and beyond. Why rely on guesswork when selecting a new putter when we can measure and match? Discover the ideal putter tailored to your needs, and you'll begin noticing immediate improvements on the greens
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I want a new putter!

I've taken great care in choosing the brands I collaborate with, and I have full confidence that they represent the finest options currently available in the market. Whether we're talking about superior craftsmanship or cutting-edge technology, these brands excel on all fronts. What's more, each brand brings its unique strengths and offerings to the table. To ensure the perfect fit, I have demo models from each brand available, all featuring varying specifications for fitting purposes.
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