I am the official Expert and Partner for CAPTO in the UK. Below you will find information about the CAPTO software and why I use it in my coaching. For me there is no better software out there when it comes to analysis of the putting stroke. 

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'Not only does CAPTO gather almost all conceivable data for the putting stroke, it breaks the entire stroke down, making it easier to identify problem areas. This makes my job as a putting coach far easier. In addition, it is extremely practical for use indoors and outdoors, without the need for recalibration when varying putts. I fully believe in the philosophies and principles applied in the development of CAPTO.'

What does CAPTO Measure??

"The one thing I’ve enjoyed the most about Capto is allowing me to capture data of players in the environment they perform in. The different putts they face and how in turn this effects their pattern. Many other systems don’t allow that opportunity and ultimately in order to truly help players improve this is essential"  


Phil Kenyon (World Renowned Putting Coach)